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CONTEST**Story of Your Character**

Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:19 pm by Raven

I'm holding a contest, one to get the site up and active again.

This contests ties in SLIGHTLY with the prophecy.

You must post only one thread. This contest is now up and running till August 31st, as the site died. AND IF YOU ADVERTISE THIS SITE THEN THE PRIZES WILL BE JUICED UP FOR YOU!! Now go and advertise and write your entry!

You must take your main character, whoever he or she …

Plot and Stuff

Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:06 pm by Raven

The Three Elements have the Power. Two cats from each shall stop the evil, and three of half shall right the wrong

The 3 Tribes of Night, Sun and Storm have lived peacefully since they've been made. But growing unrest, anxiety and hidden evil spreads throughout the communities. 9 cats have been chosen to put the end to this drama, yet SpiritTribe only knows how far this will go.

When posting characters...

Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:21 pm by Honey

Please put their rank in the description, as it makes it easier for me to put them on the accepted characters list. (:


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    Post by Raven on Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:55 pm

    Name of Cat: Ravensong
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Deputy
    Tribe: Storm Tribe
    Age: 20 moons - 1 year and 8 moons.
    Season Born in: Cold Wind
    Description: A medium built, agile black cat with white tabby markings. She has sapphire blue eyes, and a very fluffy tail.
    (Except with a fluffier tail xD)(Thanks Honey for making it!)
    Personality: A quiet, but outgoing cat with an unmistakable rage when angered.
    Flaws: Extreme fear of spiders, dislikes bugs. Never knew parents. Tries to go on, but sometimes she gets lost in memories. Kinda bad memory.
    Hawk and Raven struggled through the wind that bit her fur, threatening to kill them. They ducked low and tried to not lay down, to not fall to the beckoning sleep. Soon, Hawk had stumbled, and lost his balance. He let out a shriek that echoed down the mountains.
    "NOO HAWK!!!" Raven screeched, her eyes wider than ever."No. Why does this happen to me, why ME?!" She wailed. But Raven knew that she could not stay in the same place, or she could die as well. She crawled off the passage and bumped into a large cat treading with a hawk in his jaw. The cat stopped, dropped the hawk and turned around, looking for what had bumped him. Soon he saw a black kitten sitting down.
    "Cherryfall! Come here quick!" He yowled. As he crouched down, he beckoned Raven. Raven came over, and soon the cat started to rub her.
    "What is-" Another a cat, a mottled gray and white she cat had appeared, and grabbed Raven by the scruff as soon as she saw Raven. Cherrytail, and the other ran to camp, with the tom, a hawk in his jaw, and Cherryfall, a kit in hers. Wishstar ran over to them.
    "What is this. Cherryfall, why did you bring it here?" He growled, pointing to Raven, who cowered at the foot of the cat that had carried her. Cherryfall glared at the leader.
    "Did you not hear the shriek? Whoever made it was not at their time to go. It could have been anything, even another kit! Was it? And this kit would've died if Stormtail and I had left it where it was!" Cherryfall said. Raven nodded, exhausted. "See!" Cherryfall exclaimed, and picked Raven by the scruff and hurried to the nursery.
    (Moons later)
    "Ravensong, you will be the deputy of StormTribe from now on. May SpiritTribe guide you in your path." Cinderstar meowed.
    "Ravensong! Ravensong!" The cheer rang out. Moonfeather leading the chant for her old mentor. Many of the Tribe came over to congratulate Ravensong, who had her head up. Thank you SpiritTribe! Ravensong thought.

    Other: Many claim that Hawk's spirit still haunts the area where he died, and many passerbys can hear the faint echo of a shriek, and a wail. Many also say that when Ravensong is angered very greatly, you can see the flames of anger coming out of her paws, and that she fights with the strenght of the Ancients. Ravensong's mother, is a SpiritTribe cat, and her father is a loner. So Ravensong plays a part with omens, and if the Gathering breaks into a fight, she sends a warning.

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